Camp Mars is composed of 46 tents installed in the middle of the desert at Timbaine. Staying at Camp Mars is a bit of staying on another planet and it is especially practicing another form of tourism in the heart of the desert. To be in Timbaine is to be in the middle of nowhere, around the campfire under a starry sky and totally disconnected from modern life.

Camp Mars is located in Timbaine in the middle of the Grand Erg Oriental, 100 km south of Douz. At this place is the Timbaine Mountain, which means Se see from afar. A landmark for nomads who have learned to live in this hostile and grandiose environment that is the Sahara.

Designed and set up by desert enthusiasts, Camp Mars is innovative and conducive to sharing. That's why we offer tours or theme trips and collaborate with different skills from a wide variety of worlds.

Camp Life Charter

Staying at Camp Mars, in the middle of nowhere, it's a little bit of staying on another planet, and it's mostly about practicing another form of tourism, in the heart of the desert. In a desert environment, grandiose and magical, the comfort proposed by the Camp Mars is to appreciate at its fair value:

  • Water is a scarce resource, in moderation
  • Some tents are equipped with washbasin and shower in the traditional way. All our tents are equipped with dry toilets with sawdust
  • Electricity is of course a perfectly unknown energy on this planet Mars, but we have the pleasure of rediscovering the candle lighting. We are privileged to enjoy a starry sky, pure and intense, at hand. Life at Camp Mars, is in a way a family life, friendly, in which everyone is an actor
  • If a leak is detected, it is important to prevent the camp leader. It's urgent !!! (The water is 45km from dunes ...)
  • Collect its waste is obvious but pick up those found by chance, it is then an environmental gesture, respectable and above all very honorable!

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