In the Sahara, in the heart of the Great Eastern Erg, stands Timbaine «The mountain that is seen from afar». That's where the Mars camp landed.

In the hollow of the dunes, Camp Mars goes beyond accommodation that combines ecology with comfort and friendliness, it is like a planet that offers an experience to live, out of time and space, in communion with the immensity of the desert and its stars.



The concept of comfort makes sense in a place where there is nothing but dunes! You will enjoy the pleasure of lighting with candles. Southern traditional cuisine is served at the table in the restaurant tent. Dishes prepared with passion and creativity for even more taste discovery. Specific menus can be prepared on request. Barbecues for lunches in the hollow of a dune.

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Camp Mars is located in Timbaine in the middle of the Grand Erg Oriental, 100 km south of Douz. in the area of ​​Jbil National Park. GPS coordinates (32.8966471, 9.1308988)

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Team building

We organize theme trips around specific and often Saharan activities, which aim to optimize the group's harmony, cohesion and communication.

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Events & Events

Weekend Discovery by Camp Mars

Activities à la carte

Support Pack

If you are a group of 4X4, Quads or motorbikes, we provide you with a guide service with pick-up.

Mechanical Sport Pack

For Quads lovers and whether or not you have your Quad, we can organize tours in the desert from 2 to 5 days, with guide, assistance and refueling.

Eco Walk

You are a group of people eager to discover the Saharan Nature, we organize circuits on foot or on horseback within the Jbil Park.

Desert Getaway Pack

This escapade is suitable for all those who want to discover the great Eastern Erg and meet the Sahara. The departure is made from Tozeur or Douz ...

Botanical Circuit Pack

Discover the desert flora around Timbaine. From March 15 to April 5, we observe varieties of flowers and plants specific to the desert: The Sahara also celebrates spring! ...

Soft Trekking Pack

The soft trekking is a trek in full desert accompanied by camels and a guide. The walk evolves at your own pace to reach Lake Erreched (Houidhat), ...



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